Fujikinbai is Japanese High quality canvas.

FUJIKINBAI -Japanese canvas fabric-

FUJIKINBAI is a domestic canvas brand produced by KAWASHIMA TRADING CO.,LTD in Japan. We have been valued to produce pure cotton canvas that are all span, weaved, processed in Japan to keep stable supply of good materials and maintain the quality since we established in 1948. Recently, we provide our canvas to many companies and brands not only as business uses but also as fashion clothes.



Hanpu is a thick plain waved textile that is made of many twisted thin cotton, cannabis and flax weaving yarn together and “canvas” is what it’s called in English. The warp and weft are alternately crossed above and below, over and over so that the textile is strong built, durable and breathable. It can absorb moisture so it can avoid things inside musty. Moreover, it can reduce static electricity so it can be used in many ways such as tool bags for electricians. As it is durable, the advantage of Hanpu is that more you use, the softer it gets and you can enjoy the change of its texture.


We have been produced “Japan Made” products to preserve Japanese traditional. Keeping our production line, from spinning, weaving to processing, all domestic enable to obtain stable supply of materials and to keep high quality of products.
Our cotton Hanpu is weaved by the yarn that were span and twined high- selected cotton from all over the world. Because of its toughness, it is sustainable and nice for ecosystem. It is fresh but warm and you can feel deep impression when you take it in your hand. We keep in progress and provide Hanpu to make everyone happy within the coexistence with great nature.


About Kawashima Trading Co., Ltd.About Kawashima Trading Co., Ltd.

We, Kawashima Trading Co., Ltd. were established as a trading company specialized in fishery materials in 1948.
As our business had developed, we moved in on the textile market. We had set up our bases in Osaka, Tokyo, Okinawa and expanded sales network throughout Japan.

Recently, the main lines of our business are to produce textiles, industrial materials and clothing as textile general trading company.

Textile Division, which produces cotton and synthetic Hanpu and various kinds of fabrics starting with FUJIKINBAI, keeps and controls regular items in stock at our own company. Therefor, we enable to supply appropriate products timely such as small-lot order and quick delivery. 

Also, we introduce various types of materials and textile with lots of color variations. Keeping progress on our product improvement, we are still active to develop new products with upcoming technology.